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As some of you know the Shootrite Katana, built by Red Jacket Firearms of Baton Rouge, is out in public. The first orders have been shipped, and two magazine articles have been printed about my vision of what an AR should be. So far response has been great. It is a great carbine for self-defense or patrol use. But rather than listening to me I thought you might be interested in what others have to say about the rifle.

Jim Shepherd, the creator of this and other shooting/outdoor related sites, came up and shot the original prototype of the Katana. His quote: “My job gives me the opportunity to shoot a lot of AR-style rifles – a lot of them – in a huge variety of configurations. For me, the Katana gives shooters the things they absolutely need in a shooting situation – without having to go out and spend the cost of a second rifle on “stuff”. Add a light, an optic if you like, and you’re ready for anything day or night. Without any other accessories, it’s totally mission-capable within what I consider the optimal fighting distances of an AR.”

The 2011 Special Edition of Guns Magazine Combat Annual has a review of the Katana by Todd Burgreen. “The Katana is intended for serious practitioners,” Burgreen states, “who plan on using it for patrolling, training or defense.” He closes the article stating that when responding to a possible confrontation, “and you have to grab a bandolier of magazines and rifle on the way out of the room or from the trunk of a patrol car, the Katana is more than worthy of consideration.”

Hal Herring, author of “Famous Firearms Of The Old West,” has an article on the Katana in the fall issue of “Tactical Gear.” Herring was able to come to Shootrite’s range to run the rifle through its paces – we spent a day moving, shooting, using cover, and running the Wall several times. “The Katana rifle,” Herring states, “like its namesake, the iconic sword of the Japanese Samurai, is meant to be a weapon of lethal simplicity, a kind of path that leads beyond gadgetry and clutter and back to the essence of the fighting rifle.” After the end of our session Hal wrote that “although it was far from mastery on my part, I had the feeling that, with the Katana and time and ammo I almost see mastery from where I was lying, prone, firing away.” He adds, “I fell in love with the little rifle.”

Check out the info on Red Jacket’s website, http://www.redjacketfirearms.com/about/about.html for the specs on the Katana. Just remember that reading about it doesn’t really do it justice. Everyone who has actually handled and fired one, especially during defense training/practice, has had a huge smile on their face. The Katana is one of those things that you have to know a little about how it is to be used to actually appreciate it. I’m truly proud of the design, Red Jacket’s work, and the function of the weapon. I think those who own one will be too.


December 9, 2010 - Posted by | AR-15

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