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Defeat The Threat

When faced with a lethal threat, and retreat or avoidance are not options, we are forced to fight, right? Actually no, when faced with a lethal threat we don’t want to think about fighting the threat(s), we want to focus on defeating our opponent(s).

My dictionary, which I consult constantly, defines fighting as contend with, struggle against, battle or to take part in combat. Whenever we fight or engage against a threat the possibility of both victory and defeat exist. Defeat is defined as overcoming in battle, conquer or overwhelm. The definition also includes frustrate and baffle. So when facing a threat we don’t want to fight them, we want to focus on defeating the threat.

The mental attitude we have when approaching a problem is vital to success and this is absolute when facing a lethal threat. If we don’t have confidence in our ability, or become overwhelmed with fear, we will not perform properly. Having confidence in our skills, both mental and physical, will take us a long way, both in everyday life and when dealing with a lethal threat.

Defeating the threat can occur in a variety of ways. By paying attention to my surroundings I see potential trouble and then withdraw, retreat, and escape without having to fight. I don’t want to be in a fight or struggle against anyone. I may win the confrontation by presenting my weapon and issuing verbal commands, forcing the threat to make a mental decision that I’m not the victim they thought I would be. Victory again, without having to fight.

The situation may call for me to physically defeat the threat, creating enough injury to their body that they can’t continue to fight even if mentally they still have the desire. To defeat the threat I want to use the minimal amount of effort as possible, apply the maximum amount of damage to their body. I win the confrontation by defeating the threat, never giving them the chance to fight back. Victory comes from aggressive actions, being active and forcing the threat to react to our actions, as opposed from defending against the threat’s actions, which means we are reacting to what’s being done to us, always behind.

In order to defeat the threat we have to be thinking at all times. If you’re not thinking then you’re reacting. See above. By thinking about the problem I’m faced with I efficiently defeat the threat as opposed to fighting against the threat.

Most people train to fight. When you train and practice, focus on defeating your threat, through any means necessary.


December 16, 2010 - Posted by | Defensive Mindset

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