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Favorite Gun Movies

Get a group of shooters together and sooner or later the subject of gun movies will come up with each person quoting famous lines from their favorite movie picks. In fact, if you can’t ‘name that quote’ your standing within the crowd is liable to drop down a few notches. This was especially true around the kitchen table of the bunkhouse at Thunder Ranch in Texas. 

At the top of the list was Sam Peckinpah’s infamous “Wild Bunch,” which came out in 1969. This tale of outlaws after the turn of the century is possibly one of the greatest westerns ever made, with gunfights that rival anything created by wires and computer generated images. There are a lot of great scenes in this movie, the outlaws have a sense of honor that surpasses that of most law-abiding citizens, and the final gunfight is unforgettable.

Being a son of the south one of my favorites is “The Long Riders,” which chronicles the epic adventures of the infamous James-Younger gang as they ride, rob, and seek revenge from their northern oppressors after the end of the War Between the States. They were considered folk heroes of their time, the Robin Hoods of their people, and their story is still the stuff of legends. An interesting aspect of the movie is that they actually cast four sets of brothers to depict the real-life family members who made up the gang’s main characters, whose loyalty and blood ties helped them survive against overwhelming odds.

For a more contemporary movie about outlaws it’s hard to beat “Way Of The Gun.” This movie tells the story of two friends who live by their wits, surviving on the road and making ends meet by any means necessary. The gun handling in this movie is some of the best ever, with a final firefight that includes some textbook single hand manipulations.

There are a lot of great gun movies out there that are worth watching over and over again. And while often they are about outlaws, it’s hard to ignore their loyalty and sense of honor, things which are often found lacking in today’s culture. I’m not saying being an outlaw is a good thing, but in these stories it’s hard not to admire the characters’ strengths, while at the same time recognizing their weakness and difficulty in fitting in with the rest of the world.

It’s also entertaining to watch good gunplay. Just remember when you’re watching a movie that it is a movie, and don’t be tempted to try to use the techniques you see on screen. Real life gunfights don’t happen in slow motion, it’s hard to shoot dozens of enemies without getting hit, and when you do get hit it’s difficult, but not impossible, to continue to fight.

With the holidays coming up these movies make great gifts, and don’t be afraid to pick yourself up a copy as well. Then watch them, memorize the lines, so when it’s time you’re ready to ‘name that movie.’


December 7, 2010 - Posted by | Defensive Mindset

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