Tiger McKee

Shootrite Firearms Academy


Shootrite founder and director Tiger McKee is a lifelong student of personal combat, and is one of the nation’s top firearms instructors for armed citizens, law enforcement, military and security personnel.

McKee was awarded an expert rating with handgun and rifle by Colonel Jeff Cooper of Gunsite, and has been an adjunct instructor at Thunder Ranch since 1995.

He has assisted various agencies in designing their own customized training programs, and as an adjunct instructor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation he currently enjoys teaching some of the world’s most elite law enforcement agents.

Tiger’s extensive experience has given him a prominent position and voice in the world of modern tactical training. He is a regular guest on Personal Defense TV, a staff writer for SWAT magazine, Tactical Gear magazine, and a columnist for the Tactical Wire, an internet publication. In 2005 he published “The Book of Two Guns,” a unique chronicle of ten years of training in the tactical use of the 1911 pistol and the AR-15.

Website: http://www.shootrite.org

Contact for Training:  256-582-4777


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