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ImageStudies have shown that the more organized a person is the less chance there is that they become involved in stressful situations. This applies to work, home-life, and every aspect of owning a firearm.

Purchasing a firearm, depending on where you live and at least for right now, is an easy process. Once you own a firearm is when you have to get organized. Step one, especially if you own a weapon for self-defense, is learning how to operate it safely and efficiently. This is going to mean making time to obtain training, and more time for practice so you can truly learn the required skills.

You have to be organized so that when you have the opportunity to train and practice you’re getting the maximum return from your time and money. When training, attending an organized class to get exposure to new skills, it pays off to insure you have all the necessary equipment and that it functions properly. Nothing sucks more than arriving with everything you need only to discover that your new magazines don’t feed rounds into your carbine. During practice, repeating the same skills over and over until you truly learn them, you need to have an organized, structured plan. Otherwise you end up expending large amounts of ammo and not learning anything.

It’s also your responsibility to insure your weapons are safe and secure. The only way to achieve this is through organization, developing and practicing a routine that the only people who have access to any weapons and related gear are those who are qualified.

Being organized also helps avoid becoming a victim. Prior to taking a trip, I check my weapons to make sure everything is good to go. I also confirm the truck is gassed up, the tires are good, and everything is road worthy. This helps prevent being stranded in the middle of the night in an area that may be known for its high crime rate. Everything you do should be thought out and performed in a manner that reduces your risk of being involved in anything other than what your intentions and plans are. At the same time though you have to be ready for any surprises that may pop up.

If you’re forced to become involved in a violent confrontation it definitely pays off to be organized. You have to know what your response options are, and able and ready to do what’s necessary to defeat the threat. While you can learn the skills needed in advance, you better have your mind organized to make ’em work under stress.

On a larger note if we don’t get organized we may all suffer restrictions on our rights to own firearms. While you’re buying as much gear as you can, find take time to contact your representatives, at all levels, to let them know your legal right to bear arms should not be infringed because of criminal activity. Start the year right; get organized.

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