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ImageDiscipline is required to do anything properly. To be good at something means investing time and effort to practice, learn and be able to apply the desired skills. This is especially true of martial arts. The beauty of firearms, which is a martial art, is that you don’t have to spend a lifetime of training/practice to use them skillfully. But, since firearms are tools, it does take discipline to learn how to use them effectively.

It takes discipline to attend training. The majority of skills required to fight with firearms go against our natural instincts, so training to learn the required skills is a must. Most of us have to budget both time and finances to attend training. I planned and saved for a year to attend my first “official” training course. It was worth every minute and dollar.

One must be disciplined to practice. A structured program is necessary to achieve the repetitions necessary to truly learn a skill to the point it can be performed at a subconscious level. Dry practice your skills multiple times a week, even if it’s only for ten or fifteen minutes at a time with a “blue” gun. Resolve is mandatory to insure your live-fire range sessions don’t end up with lots of shootin’ but very little learning occurring.

You have to commit to carrying your weapon at all times – when and where it’s legal – even if it’s only to the mailbox and back. You decide to modify how your dress for concealment purposes, or accept the fact that the type pistol you carry is dictated by the clothing you wear. Either way it takes discipline to figure out what and how you are going to carry and then earnestly practice it.

When carrying you practice self-control. You realize that getting involved in a “simple” verbal confrontation could turn into a lethal situation. You’re determined to use your weapon only if absolutely necessary. Self-discipline is mandatory for anyone carrying a lethal weapon.

In a lethal confrontation discipline is required to properly respond to the threat. If you don’t maintain control all you’re doing is reacting to what’s happening to you as opposed to controlling your actions and forcing the threat to react to you. When something goes wrong or doesn’t work out quite how you thought it would, a common occurrence during violent encounters, you must respond to the unexpected with a controlled response.

In a violent situation when you are forced to shoot, there can be no hesitation. There are no other options available, the choice is either use your weapon or be seriously injured or worse. “This is not a drill.” Your sole purpose at that point in time is to stop the threat as efficiently as possible. The discipline to do what needs done must be absolute.

Discipline is something that is lacking in our society in general, and in most shooters specifically. Today, change your attitude, ’cause when it comes time these skills will be the difference between life and death.

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