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ImageThe magazines for your pistol are an important but often overlooked part of your kit. The mag feeds the weapon. You gotta feed the machine, otherwise it don’t go bang.

With most pistols you can’t go wrong with factory magazines. Do not try to go the cheap route. (See above.) The biggest problem we see on the range is students bringing aftermarket mags that don’t work. They learn how to clear malfunctions really well, but it does distract from the learning process. I would also steer clear of mag extensions that increase capacity. These come apart a lot on the range, scattering ammo and springs across the ground. If you think you need more rounds get a bigger pistol.

1911’s are a completely different breed of pistol. Regardless of what should be, the fact is they all have different personalities. 1911 #1 may work great with brand X mags, but these same mags won’t work in pistol #2. Some pistols function well with eight round mags. These same mags won’t work in another 1911. Base-pads are mandatory. The extended base helps when seating the mag or if you need to strip it out of the pistol during a malfunction. I use Wilson seven round mags, which are tough, reliable and work in all the 1911’s I own.http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=16398/Product/1911-AUTO-WILSON-ROGERS-MAGAZINE They worked for every student I ever loaned them to during a class. I’ve been punishing some of these Wilson mags in training and practice for over fifteen years and they still get the job done.

You need two sets of magazines, numbered or marked in some way that allows you to keep track of them. One set is for training and practice. They see a lot of hard use. If you constantly keep having a problem with mag A3 get rid of it. The other batch of mags, they are for actual carry. You’ve tested them enough to make sure they function properly, which means always, no exceptions, with the ammo that you carry. They don’t participate in training or practice. If you change brands or style ammo then retest them. You’re betting your life on these, so take care of them.

Mags have to be cleaned. Completely take them apart and clean them with soap and hot water. Pay attention to how the mag comes apart during disassembly so you can put them back together correctly. A mag brush:http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=8764/Product/MAG-BRUSHcatalog isn’t required, but it will make the job a lot easier. Do not oil your mags. They are made to run dry, and any lubricant will attract grime of all types.

Carry your spare mags in a mag pouch. Sticking them in a pocket isn’t a good idea. They move around, making it difficult to get to when you need it. They gather lint, pennies, cigarette butts, and all sorts of other foreign matter, which makes it really hard to insert and seat into the mag well.

We carry pistols to defend against an attack. Make sure every piece of your gear is up to this task. Your life depends on it.

July 12, 2012 - Posted by | Auto Pistol

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