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New Stuff for the AR

ImageNew gear comes out for the AR every day. Some of it is useful for a wide variety of shooters while other pieces are highly specialized and designed for very specific applications. Here are three pieces of kit I think are worthy of consideration for anyone owning an AR.

AR’s will run dirty, but eventually you gotta clean ’em. In the past one of the worst aspects of cleaning was removing carbon buildup on the tail end of the bolt and inside the bolt carrier. Everyone had their own assortment of tools and tricks to accomplish the task. The CRT-15 Carbon Removal Tool from Magna-Matic solves that problem. There are several tools out there designed for this cleaning chore, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I like the CRT-15 best. It works well, it’s rugged, plus it’s small enough to fit in your range bag with standard cleaning gear or into a pack for field use.

In an actual encounter it’s rare you’ll need a high round count to solve your problem, unless you’re in the military, but there are some situations that might present a target rich environment. Plus, who can argue that shootin’ a bunch without having to reload is fun, especially with full auto weapons in rock-and-roll mode. There hasn’t really been a good answer to the high-cap mag issue for the AR until Surefire released their new MAG5-60 mag, which holds sixty rounds and is 8.7 inches long. (It also comes in a hundred round version, but this involves adding almost four inches of length to the mag’s body, which I consider too long.) I took it apart, and it’s an impressive design with a very slim profile. One of my instructors took it on a T/E session of full-auto fire. Trust me when I say he abused it. It functioned flawlessly.

When it comes to red-dot sights I use Aimpoint. I prefer the two MOA dot, which allows surgical shots at realistic distances, but you could only get that size dot with the larger body sights like the M series or PRO. I like the size of the Aimpoint’s micro sights, the H-1 and T-1 (which is night vision compatible); they are small and just as rugged as the larger sights, but were only available with the four moa dot. Beyond one hundred yards the larger dot, which covers four inches at one hundred or eight at two hundred, makes it more difficult to get surgical type hits. Aimpoint listened to their clients, and now the H and T sights are available with two MOA dots, a small package with excellent accuracy. This is the sight to have. It’s easy to use, has a long battery life, and there is no questioning their quality.

Choose your kit carefully. Learn how to work it properly. When the time comes, use it efficiently.

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