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Two Is One

When it comes to the combative arts consistency is key. Consistency leads to predictable results. Apply the fundamentals of marksmanship – obtain the sight picture you need, press the trigger smoothly, and follow through, preparing to shoot again if necessary – and the results are accurate hits on target. Proper technique for reloading or clearing malfunctions allows us to perform these actions efficiently.

Consistency is also crucial when it comes to your pistol, or other weapons. Having a pistol that works every time, fits your hand, and has a good trigger and a set of sights you can see is mandatory. Once you determine what works put together another one just like it.

Having two of the same handgun may seem like overkill but it’s really a matter of being prepared. Your pistol breaks, requiring you to send it back to the factory for repairs, which sometimes takes longer than we would like. Doing without your favorite handgun may be just an inconvenience for training and practice.

However, if you are forced to fight not having your pistol could diminish your capabilities. In a fight we need every advantage possible. As long as you’re familiar with how to operate it you can fight with any weapon, but using the one you’re most familiar and intimate with means better performance. More importantly fighting with your weapon creates confidence, which is essential to success in combat.

Should it be necessary to fight then your pistol will be taken away until legal proceedings are completed, which could be several years. Having another pistol just like you’re the one you’ve given up equips you for any possible future situations, and mentally it’s a great comfort to have the “same” weapon ready on the hip.

I would much rather own a pair twin pistols than three completely different handguns. Redundancy means one consistent set of finely honed skills and commonality between gear. The sights and triggers are the very same, mags and holsters are interchangeable, they use one caliber of ammo and I can swap out parts. This simplifies life and fighting.

Once you determine what weapon and modifications work for you, then get another one of ’em. Buy lots of ammo and magazines, and train and practice until you can operate the weapons at a subconscious level. (Keep in mind the best way to obtain this skill level is dry practice.)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t own different style pistols, and you definitely need to be able to grab up any type firearm and fight with it. What I am saying, and there is no debating this, for fighting you will do best by sticking to one type weapon. Victory is based on results, and you get the best results by doing the same thing, over and over, very well.

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