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Health Care, 2011

New-year’s resolutions are a common practice, and a lot of these pledges focus on improving our health. Plus these days it’s hard to swing a cat without hitting someone discussing the health care programs that are such a hot political issue. My favorite individual health care program, which is very affordable, is personal defense, protecting yourself and family from illnesses delivered by two legged carriers. 

Eventually we’re all going to perish from one thing or another; the list of “natural” death causes is a long one. Some of these illnesses, when treated promptly, can be cured. The key is applying the corrective measures in a timely fashion. The same is true of violent threats. If you don’t do something to fix the problem, quickly, then you’re going to end up hurtin’.

The key to your health care program against violent aggressor is to plan in advance. It’s sort of an insurance program, a system that allows you access to the care you need without delay. And like insurance, you have to pay in advance. After you get sick it will be hard to buy an insurance policy.

So this means getting a good weapon, one that suits your needs. You may require several types to fulfill all your requirements. You may go through a couple of different type weapons until you discover satisfaction. Along with weapons goes all the related gear such as quality holsters, mags and that type stuff. If you’re already good to go on this you’re ahead of the game.

Step next – get training, an introduction to the skills needed on how to properly use these tools. Too many people simply buy a weapon and then assume that when attacked they’ll just shoot their attacker. There is a lot more to fighting with a firearm than just shootin’. And there’s normally very little time involved in the fight, so you probably won’t have time to pickup the necessary skills under pressure.

After getting training it’s time to practice, learning through repetition. Just remember that practice isn’t just going to the shooting range, where all you can do is shoot, and firing groups at a round bulls-eye. You need to move, use cover, work from various positions, including from the ground, and manipulate your weapon under a different conditions, like in the dark. If you don’t have a place to do this live fire then work on these skills dry.

Lastly, mentally prepare yourself to apply your skills efficiently, and with short notice. Pay attention to your environment, always aware of the people around you, where cover is located, and what direction your closest exit or route of retreat is. Mentally be ready at all times, because we know trouble can occur anywhere from any direction. There isn’t time to hesitate.

As I tell my students, “personal protection is an individual responsibility.” As the economy gets worse, which I fear is going to happen, your chances of being involved in a dangerous encounter are going to increase. Invest now, so when the time comes you’re ready.

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