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War Face

If you played sports you heard it all the time; “Put your game-face on!” Parents learn early that their facial expressions communicate a lot of information to the kids. When facing a potential or active threat we need to put our “war-face” out there.

Although it is possible to control our facial expressions, normally they reflect a lot about what we are thinking. It’s important when involved in a confrontation that physically we present an aggressive posture. This is especially true of our facial expression, and probably for a lot more reasons than you think.

Normally, at least initially, when faced with a threat we are in a reactive state. As soon as the mind thinks of something – recognition of a threat – our face quickly displays the emotions occurring in our brain. This can be surprise, fear or doubt, anger, or confidence. Surprise is normal. If we know there is an attack coming we begin mentally preparing our reaction, bypassing the surprise stage of our response. Being fearful for our life or having doubt concerning our performance is not an option. In the fear state all we are doing is reacting to what is occurring, putting us at a distinct disadvantage. You need to understand how to use your weapon and operate it properly and safely, knowing in your mind you have the skills to defeat the threat.

The threat needs to see this confident mindset on your face. Seeing surprise, fear, or doubt on you face will fuel their aggression. When they see a look of confidence on your face this may cause they to start doubting the wisdom of their actions. The same is true when threats select their victims. When they see a “rabbit” they will attack it. Your task is to project an aura of confidence at all times, non-verbally telling the world you will not be an easy victim. At the same time don’t walk around like you’re looking for a fight, ’cause someone may take you up on that one.

We know the face reflects what the mind is thinking, but a confident facial expression, or if involved in a confrontation an aggressive look, will also influence what the mind is thinking. While there may be more traffic in one direction, the face reflects the mindset, it’s a two way street and the mind is influenced by your facial expression. Smile, and see if it doesn’t affect what you’re thinking. Then put on your war face, and notice the difference in your mindset. What this means is that you can improve your performance by getting your game face on.

Every time you touch a weapon your thoughts should be that you are about to be in a fight. Any time there is a weapon in your hands your mind should be focused and serious, and the face should reflect this mindset. This is an essential habit to develop. Then, when presented with a problem, think confidently, look serious, and win the fight.


November 2, 2010 - Posted by | Defensive Mindset

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