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Most readers of this column should be familiar with EOTAC, which makes discreet and tactical clothing. If not, you need to check them out. (www.eotac.com) They are producing innovative designs, with quality features and construction. EOTAC’s newest introduction to their line of outerwear is not a new product, but a new color option. The Operator Grade Field Jacket is finally available in the “Lizard” camo pattern.

I’ve worn one of their olive color jackets for a while now, and it’s usually my first choice for everyday wear. The jacket’s is based on a European military design from the late 1950’s, so it has a retro look that I really like. There are plenty of pockets, several with elastic webbing for holding smaller items securely. Pockets are important for me because I carry a lot of “gear,” especially in cooler weather when I always have a watch cap and gloves with me. The Operator jacket has buttons to close it, and a zipper that only covers the top half of the jacket. This feature allows you to be zipped up, keeping the upper half of your body warm, and still have quick access to anything you’re carrying on your belt. The heavy 9-ounce cotton is treated with Dupont Teflon coating that protects it against water and oil based fluids. This is one badass jacket.

The new Lizard camouflage is based on a pattern originally used by French Foreign Legion Paratroopers during the Algerian War. It’s similar to a Tiger Stripe pattern, except using brown and shades of green instead of black, green and tan. One thing about camouflage is that you should avoid pure black. It doesn’t exist in nature, and it stands out in both the bush and urban areas. The Lizard pattern also appears more three dimensional than the Tiger Stripe because you have colors on top or overlapping other colors, which creates a sense of depth, an essential element of any camouflage. My only problem now is that I’m going to have to paint up one of my rifles to match the jacket.

One could say that wearing a camo military style coat will attract too much attention out in public, but in urban areas “tactical” type clothing is in style, and around here in “Ala-frickin-bama” almost everyone wears camo clothing of one form or another, so I don’t see it drawing any more attention than wearing any other type hunting jacket.

Your clothing should be considered as another link in your tactical chain. You either dress to blend into the environment you are in, or dress for the demands of the job you do. Regardless of what type/brand clothing you wear, make sure it meets your specific needs.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Gear

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