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Open Carry

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from students about open carry. “What do you think about open carry?” they ask. Judging by the looks on their faces from my response I don’t think my answer is what they want to hear.

First, I don’t really want anyone to know I’m armed, and this applies for both the bad guys and “friendlies” in the area. Sure, there is always the argument that if a bad guy sees my weapon that they will go somewhere else, and that may happen. It would be something difficult to document. But there is also the chance that by being armed I become the threat’s first target.

I also don’t want non-threats to know I’m armed. If something does break out these other people may expect me to save the day. When I use my weapon it’s because I decide based on the situation that’s it is necessary for me to use it. Others, especially those unfamiliar with conflict, may not be very objective when it comes to use of firearms. For example they may be counting on you using your weapon to keep the guy they’ve been mouthing off to from kicking their butt. They may think it’s worth risking your life to prevent a business from losing their money during a robbery. I only fight if it’s worth risking my life for, which is a very short list.

It may not be a good idea to attract the law’s attention either, especially in areas where you can carry openly but not many people do. You never know when someone who is ignorant of the law freaks about a weapon being displayed. Open carry could also be used against you as a tool for harassment. You blow the horn at someone in the parking lot who is about to pull out in front of you. They see you exit your car, carrying a pistol, then dial 911 to complain about the guy driving around in a silver pickup pointing a weapon and loudly cursing folks.

Another factor to consider is home security, as in not attracting any attention or providing bad guys a reason to break into your home. When a bad guy sees you wearing a weapon, they can be pretty sure you’ve got more at home. It’s a simple matter to follow you, check your schedule, and then acquire some new hardware. Regardless of how you carry, all unattended weapons should be well secured.

The element of surprise is a valuable tactic, and your capabilities and intentions should be hidden as long as possible. I don’t want anyone knowing I’m armed until the weapon is in my hand and ready for use. Then I can issue verbal commands, which the threat may respond to, I buy myself the time needed to escape the situation or at least get to cover, and if necessary use accurate shots to stop the attacker. Remember, a sudden and violent counter attack often secures victory.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Auto Pistol, Concealed Carry

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