Tiger McKee

Shootrite Firearms Academy

Moving and Shooting

In a fight we communicate with the threat, family members, or teammates. We shoot to stop the threat. We use cover for the protection it provides us from the threat(s)’ weapon. We move for a variety of reasons. A threat is armed with a knife and charging. We step to the side to avoid his ‘line of attack.’ There are bystanders in the environment, so we reposition to acquire the target without fear of injuring any innocents. We move to cover, and then when possible to go to better cover.

Moving is easy, it’s a natural instinct and we’ve been doing it since we could first walk. Moving and shooting is not natural, so through repetition we reprogram ourselves to move tactically and shoot accurately. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, it just takes practice.

For moving to the rear we initiate that movement with the strong side leg – the right leg for right-handed shooters. The knees are bent so the legs act as shock absorbers. Step back with the right leg, place the foot to insure good footing, then shift your weight and reposition the left leg and foot. Every time you complete a set of steps you should end up in your fighting stance. Think about it as taking a full step with the right leg, and then a half step with the left leg. To move forward use the same technique, only now stepping with the left leg first.

Lateral movement is initiated with the leg that is leading to the direction we are moving. To move right step with the right leg first, taking a full size step, then after assuring good footing shift your body weight. While shifting the weight take a half step with the left foot, again ending up with your fighting stance. Repeat as necessary.

With these techniques the upper body is the same as your normal fighting stance, which keeps your weapon indexed on the threat. Crossing your legs twists the upper body, making it difficult to keep the weapon on the threat, puts you in an unbalanced position, and there is always the danger of tripping over your own feet.

While moving apply the fundamentals of marksmanship to get hits. If you come up on target and go “now,” slapping the trigger and tensing your muscles in anticipation of the recoil, you won’t get good hits. Shoot when you have the sight picture you need, but don’t create that opportunity by slowing down or stopping your movement. You’re moving for a reason, so keep moving until you get to where you need to be. You can either move smooth and shoot accurately, or move fast and not shoot. The situation will determine which is best. If you have cover two steps to the side, it may be better to move quickly, get to cover, then worry about shooting.

Our natural instinct when threatened is to root to the ground and fight, or run. To win the fight we need to move tactically and with reason. Start practicing now, so when the time comes you’re ready.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | AR-15, Auto Pistol, General Training

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