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Making History

Once you choose to carry a weapon, especially a firearm, you assume the responsibilities that go along with making the decision to own, carry, and if necessary use that weapon. Firearms provide a means of defense against what might otherwise be overwhelming threats. An armed individual can control their environment and people it contains. A firearm can be used for good, it can be used with good intentions but create disastrous results, or it may be a tool employed by evil.

For those who lawfully carry a weapon one of the biggest decisions you’ll likely be forced to make is when to press the trigger. There are times when the decision is obvious; you need to shoot now to stop the threat. But there are a many situations where there is a lot of gray between “don’t shoot” and “shoot!” Your task is to decide where that line in the sand is, and when it is crossed you must commit fully with legal and moral right.

When you press that trigger that you are making history. There is no pause, stop or delete button. It’s over and done, for good or bad. It’s important to make sure it’s good. A good shot is a hit that stops the threat, although we know it may take several good hits to stop them. A good shot is one that doesn’t injure a bystander or team member. A good shot is one that doesn’t bounce off cover and injure you. After the action, when you and others review what transpired, a good shot is one that you are proud of.

A good shot takes plenty of thought, making decisions when all kinds of hell are breaking loose around you. To make a good shot under stress requires making thousands of excellent shots during practice. When you press the trigger without practice, under realistic conditions, you’re hoping you’ll get lucky. You won’t know what will be necessary to make the hit. Each situation is different. The problem is there is only one way to get a good hit, but there are a million ways to screw it up. During the fight is not the time to hope you get lucky, or try to remember the fundamentals of marksmanship.

“Accuracy is the base for a practical pistol education,” states Plaxco in Shooting From Within. He adds that, “An inability to fire an accurate shot on demand will hold you back in mastering every other skill you need to acquire.” While his book focuses on competition, the same thing is true of fighting.

Firing your weapon only requires a slight movement of your trigger finger, but it may be the most important action you’ll ever perform. When you press the trigger, you’re making history. Remember this for every shot you fire. Make sure you can get the hit, regardless of how it has to be done. You may only have one chance to get it right, and lives will depend on the execution of proper technique. The only option is to be ready.

September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Concealed Carry, Defensive Mindset

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