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Although most people probably don’t think about it very often, the clothing you wear is just as important as any other gear you carry or use. For the armed professional – law enforcement, military or security personnel – your duty clothing is normally mandated, hopefully with decisions made according to what works best. But what about when you are off-duty? And for armed citizens, have you thought about how you dress may affect your ability to fight?

For example, footwear is extremely important. In a fight you need to be moving. We move to protective cover, to create distance, or to get a clear angle of fire on the threat. If you slip, stumble or fall because you’re wearing shoes that won’t grip on wet concrete, that’s going to be a bad thing. Even if your daily activities require you to be looking good, like suit and tie, you can still get ‘shiny’ shoes that provide you with traction.

Clothing is also critical. Pants should be loose enough for you to actually drop into a kneeling position to take advantage of cover. Coats or jackets should allow easy access to your pistol, even when buttoned or zippered closed. When you go to the range take an old sport coat, or the jacket you wear during cold weather and practice wearing that. To perform under stress you need to practice in a manner that replicates your actual circumstances as close as possible. Practice the way you carry.

While on the subject of clothing I want to mention EOTAC, a new entry into the tactical clothing market. (www.eotac.com) I’ve only seen a small sample of their total offerings, but it’s apparent that EOTAC is producing clothing that is well thought out and constructed with quality in mind. I’m extremely impressed with EOTAC’s tactical pants. For example, pants need pockets, but just sticking them everywhere doesn’t necessarily get the job done. EOTAC has added pockets to the traditional design, but in all the right places. They have standard front pockets, large side pockets on the leg, and a pocket on the front of the thigh on each side, which is actually large to shove a couple of pistol mags in them, a rifle magazine, or a large flashlight. Inside the standard rear pockets they have added smaller flat pockets so that you can carry a wallet or I.D. segregated from other items in the rear pockets. EOTAC offers a variety of products, and if their pants are any indication they’ll be well received.

When you decide to carry a weapon, whether it’s part of your job or you’ve made the decision to defend yourself and family, it will affect almost every aspect of your life, including how you dress. You may have to modify what you wear, and then practice accordingly. If you take care of the small details they don’t lead to big problems. This applies to daily life and combat.

September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Gear

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