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One of the big things I push my students on is consistency. We strive for consistently because it leads to predictable results. When lives are at stake it’s a good thing to know that your actions will produce the results you need. This applies to all aspects of fighting.

Take weapon manipulations for example. Let’s say on the range you use the correct techniques, but when you get home and clear the weapon to clean or store it you get “distracted” -my nice way of saying lazy or sloppy – and you use an improper technique, doing it different than the way you would if your life depended on it. Is this a problem you ask? Yes, and for a number of reasons.

First, and foremost, when you deviate from the correct techniques for manipulations you are opening the door for trouble to enter. Proper manipulation techniques insure safe operation of your weapon.

We know learning is achieved through repetition. If you do it properly on the range, then at other times use incorrect techniques, you are actually learning two ways of doing something – the right way and the wrong way. Then, in a fight your mind has to make a decision on which way to act, consuming time, and there’s the chance you choose the incorrect action, which could have deadly consequences. Doing it properly also means we’re performing that action efficiently. In a fight time is normally a precious commodity. Speed is not about going fast; this usually leads to making mistakes. Speed is the absence of excess. You perform quickly by not having any wasted actions or motions.

Consistency is also important an important factor for accuracy. Remember, we are looking to end the fight as efficiently as possible. This means placing accurate shots on the threat in the right locations. Get a consistent grip on your weapon, use the sights, press the trigger smoothly and apply the proper follow-through for every shot. When you press the trigger it should be with predictable results, with bullet placement where you want it. This doesn’t mean we can predict how to the threat will react to the hit, which is why we follow-through for multiple shots.

Training your mind is just as important as the physical aspects of combat. Again, we are striving for predictable results. Instead of thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening,” freezing up and not responding, you’re thinking, “I knew this could happen, and I have the skills to win.” At the same time remain flexible, because for every tactical rule there are always exceptions. As Bill Jordan says in No Second Place Winner, “At times the right action is ‘sensed’ against all logic and the wise man follows his hunch and lives.”

The equation is fairly simple. Apply the fundamentals using proper techniques. Proper techniques – consistency – provide predictable results. Predictable results are what will win your fight.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | General Training

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