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Summertime – ‘Professional’ person (a suit) wants to CCW, but the constraints of wardrobe make IWB pistol rig a difficult problem, mainly from a concealment standpoint.  In the summer, usually a golf shirt or dress shirt without jacket is worn. Untucked is not an option! I have a backpack that I have rigged for carry and have practiced with. But this rig pales in comparison to IWB carry for many obvious reason. Any other options?
— Tim W.

When it comes to concealed carry either the way I carry dictates how I dress, or the clothing I wear determines how I carry. My personal preference is an inside-the-waistband holster, with a garment covering the weapon. But there are times, as the reader above mentions, that this isn’t an option. In this case I have three other modes of carry.

Small caliber semi’s are extremely popular, mainly to the fact that the offerings today, such as Ruger’s new .380, are quality and reliable pistols. With a pocket holster you can carry small pistols with ease; the holster prevents the weapon from ‘printing’ on your clothing, protects it from lint and dirt, and covers the trigger. I normally use the right rear pocket. I can get to that even if I’m in a kneeling position, and it isolates it from everything else I carry in my pockets.

‘Belly-bands,’ elastic bands that go around your body underneath a shirt, are also a good carry system. Body size determines how big a weapon you can carry. These bands also offer a small pouch to carry an extra magazine. Another advantage of the belly-band is that it slims up your figure. A disadvantage of this carry mode is that you have to rip your shirt up to gain access to the weapon, so you’ll have to practice to get the motions efficient.

My favorite alternative mode of carry is the ankle holster. This allows you to carry a small revolver or semi-auto, and no one ever notices. Once you get used to it you’ll forget you’re wearing it, and it’s a quick draw when you need it. If you are right-handed the holster goes on the inside of the left ankle. To present the pistol you drop down to a kneeling position, pull your pants leg up with both hands, and then draw the weapon with your right hand.

To successfully carry concealed, without others knowing you’re armed, we focus on four factors -clothing, carry method, practice, and mindset. Clothing and carry method are dictated by your needs. Once we decide how to carry, then we practice until presenting that pistol is a smooth, quick action. And as always, we concentrate on cultivating and improving the proper mindset. When I gear up at the beginning of my day I practice my draw with the gear I have. Then, I stop for a minute and say to myself, “Today may be the day I have to fight, and I am ready.”

September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Concealed Carry, Gear

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