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I’ve mentioned Alan Miller and his company AHolster here a few times in the past. Alan makes great holsters and mag pouches, and when I’m not wearing leather I’m using his holsters and mag pouches. One of his newest holsters, www.shop.aholster.com/product.sc?productId=7&categoryId=1 has some of my ideas incorporated in it, and is specifically designed for training and practice. It will withstand the rigors and abuse of hard training and practice, it has a feature specifically designed for single hand manipulations, it’s comfortable, and with its slim profile this holster can still see use for concealed carry.

The holster is made of .90 kydex. During training/practice you’re rolling on the ground with and without a pistol the holster, the holster is tugged, twisted and jerked around while working retention techniques. The holster sees repeated abuse beyond what it is designed for, and this extra thickness extends the life of your holster.

Hand and arm injuries are common during fights, so to be properly prepared you need to practice single hand manipulation skills. This holster has a rectangular block of micarta attached to the front edge of the holster. To cycle the pistol you hook the rear sights on the edge of the block and shove the weapon downward. Normally you do this on the lip of the holster’s opening, but after time this will destroy your holster, and a lot of holsters are not stiff enough to keep them from bending, failing to provide the resistance needed to cycle the slide aggressively. With the sight block attached to the holster you have a good sharp edge to hook the sights on, and it closely replicates the same position you catch the sights on when using the lip of the holster. As the micarta edge wears you simply rotate or flip it over to a new edge. This is a great feature, and I use this holster for daily carry, knowing that if necessary I can manipulate the weapon efficiently using only my right hand and arm.

There are times here in Alafrickinbama that the heat and humidity are so bad you don’t want to carry an inside-the-waistband holster. Alan’s design has a slim profile that is easily concealed by wearing your shirt untucked. The holster hugs the body, and the two snap attachments are spread out, evenly distributing the weight of the weapon and keeping it securely positioned. Plus, with the two snaps you can put the holster on or take it off without having to take your belt halfway off.

Alan also produces a variety of inside-the-waistband holsters, pocket holsters for the smaller caliber pistols, plus mag pouches. Another plus is that Alan is a shooter and knows the features a good holster needs to function properly. And his customer service is great, which is something I value greatly.

Use a critical eye when selecting a holster, mag pouches, belt and other gear. These items are just as important as any other kit you pick. Don’t let your gear be the weak link in your tactical chain.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Concealed Carry, Gear

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