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A World Without Assault Weapons

I woke up today in a world free of assault weapons. Of course I overslept because without electricity, which was linked to several killings, there is no alarm clock. I slipped into my pants and Velcro them closed. “Assault belts” are illegal now. While putting on my ‘soft-shoes,’ assault boots are a no-no, my wife calls for breakfast. I must have used twenty napkins while eating the instant food with my hands – knives and forks are evil weapons you know. Before leaving the house I made sure to put on my ‘safety-hands,’ heavy padded gloves that prevent you from hitting someone and doing any harm, plus my full-coverage padded helmet, just in case anyone does decide to trying to hit me. Getting caught without your gloves or helmet is a big fine that I can’t afford. And with all the cameras about, it’s just not worth the risk. I also can’t afford a permit for a car – you can’t believe how many people ‘assault vehicles’ used to kill – and start the long walk to work.

Anything can be an assault weapon if you actually attack someone with it. You name it, and it can be used as a weapon. A fuzzy stuffed bunny rabbit? You bet. When someone jams “Bugs” down your throat you ain’t gonna be breathing for very long. Or, you could us a bunny that’s large enough as a shield. With this thought in mind, there are two things we need to consider.

First, you need to pay attention to what people around you are doing. It really doesn’t matter what they may be holding in their hands, if their non-verbal communication is aggressive you better start ramping up your thought process. For example if they are holding a garden rake, but moving aggressively while staring right at you, there may be a problem. If someone is moving towards you, but trying to mask their intent by taking an indirect route while scanning the area you need to pay attention as well. The key thing to think about is that when in a fight, you are fighting the person, not the weapon they are armed with. While there are different tactics, according to what type weapon they are armed with, the ultimate danger is the person.

The second point is that you are never really unarmed. Objects that can be used as weapons surround you. Being unarmed is a state of mind. Don’t let yourself be unarmed by the way you think. The only limitations are your imagination and creativity. Since I have no control over who actually reads this column I’m not going into details of improvised weapons here. But the next time you are somewhere “safe,” take a look around to see what could be used to defend yourself. Remember, the fight is in the person, not the weapon they are armed with. This is true for the bad guy and you.


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Defensive Mindset

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