Tiger McKee

Shootrite Firearms Academy

Don’t Settle

There is a tendency in our society for people to settle for less than what they need. One place where this isn’t an option is during your preparations for defending you, your family, or teammates and partners. During a life and death confrontation you should be equipped with good gear, proper training, and an unending desire for victory.

Reliable gear is a necessity. A firearm that works most of the time is not acceptable. We only use quality magazines that function properly, every time. Holsters, mag pouches and belts must be up to the task. You’re betting your life on the ammo, so it better cycle properly in your weapon. Don’t settle until you have exactly what you need, and what actually works for you, not just what your buddy said was best. What works for them may not fit your needs.

Training and plenty of practice are mandatory for fighting effectively with firearms. Carrying a weapon may make you feel safe, but you better be prepared to use it, which means knowing how to operate it efficiently and the tactics necessary to win. These skills and knowledge can only come from getting training, and then spending the time needed to actually learn what you’ve been shown. In other words how to fight under stress; you have to be almost machine like, functioning at a level far above the ability to shoot good groups while standing still. And the good thing about practice is that it doesn’t require the act of shooting, or even using an actual weapon. Dry practice comes in a variety of flavors. Don’t settle for your only practice being a “shooting” session at the range. When you do get to the range work on being a great shooter, always striving to improve your accuracy.

During a fight, we don’t settle for anything less than victory. It won’t matter what gear or training you’ve had or how many hours you’ve spent practicing, if you don’t have a winning mindset things probably won’t work out well. Unless you just get lucky. You can’t settle for “maybe,” or “I think.” You have to know that you will win, regardless of the odds. History is full of individuals who should have perished, but had the strength to push past the point where others had dropped. The body can take an immense amount of punishment and still keep ticking as long as the mind is up to the task. This inner strength is something we all have. You’re task is to find it, nurture it, and be able to call on it when needed.

Being a warrior isn’t about gear or hours logged on the range. It’s about being prepared for what is coming in the future. When it’s time to fight winning is the only option. Don’t settle.


September 18, 2010 - Posted by | Gear, General Training

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