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As a group, are shooters too caught up with the “accuracy” of their weapons? Part of the answer to that question depends on whom you ask. But since this is The Tactical Wire, we’re talking about fighting, so let’s focus on the combative aspects of accuracy.

Does your pistol need to be able to shoot a two-inch group off a rest at twenty-five yards? In a fight, which will occur at close distance, especially during its initial stages, you place hits into the center of the upper body, the pelvic area, and/or the head until you stop the threat. Fights are dynamic. Everyone moves. You move to create distance and get to cover. The threat(s) are doing the same. You’re under the stress of actual combat, the adrenaline dumps into your body, and it won’t really matter what size group you can shoot on cardboard targets at the range. The pistol will always be more accurate than you are under these conditions. The deciding factor will be you, not the accuracy of your pistol. You have to be able to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship to get hits, and if you don’t practice these fundamentals your performance in a fight will be less than great.

The same can be said of rifles. Let’s look at the AR as an example. The fact that your rifle will fire a one-inch group from a bench with brand ABC ammo on a bright sunny day won’t really matter inside your house when it’s dark, the kids are yelling, the dog is barking, and the bad man at the end of the hall is preparing to charge. The important factors here are that you know how to get a good sight picture, press the trigger smoothly – in a short span of time – and follow through, preparing to hit them again if necessary.

Now if you’re a sniper you need a weapon that has surgical precision capabilities. But the majority of us, even those who wear a badge, are just regular people who need to defend ourselves, our family and partners when facing a lethal threat.

Plus, remember there is no guarantee you’ll be fighting with your weapon. You may be forced to fight with whatever weapon you can get your hands on, which means what your pistol or rifle will do won’t even be a factor in the equation. Owning and shooting extremely accurate weapons is great, but when it comes to fighting the size group you shoot with your weapon under pristine conditions won’t matter much.

The time you spend bench shooting small groups will give you nice targets to hang on the wall to impress friends. But if you own and carry a weapon for self defense your time and ammo will be better spent practicing under realistic conditions. That way when your time comes you’ll be able to say, “I knew this could happen, I have the skills needed, and I’m ready.”


September 18, 2010 - Posted by | AR-15, Defensive Mindset

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